My name is Darius Alvanez. I attended Truckee Meadows Community College for an Associate's in Computer Science. Ever since I was ten years old, I was programming many different kinds of software, games, and doodads for computers.
Most of my early coding projects were mods for Minecraft or clones of stuff I liked at the time.
I used mostly Java and Game Maker 8.1.

I created a basic 3D ""raycaster"" in Java in 2013. It did not get very far.

One of my older games, Circles, was made in about two hours to appease my younger sister.

Starting in 2014, I took an extended break from programming to try out Video Production and Animation. I wanted to create a simple mascot cartoon involving a raccoon and his friends in post-apocalyptic Kentucky, after nature had taken the state back over. I produced four different "prototype" animations and one pilot episode, but I never submitted them anywhere.
By the time 2020 rolled around, I wanted to get back into programming again. I started taking the appropriate courses at Truckee Meadows Community College to get an Associates in Computer Science. It was around this time that I seriously began to focus on honing my skills and learning a programming language beyond beginner level.

At some point I was granted a copy of Game Maker Studio 1.4, and began on my first serious project in Fall of 2020.

I learned C++ in 2020 alongside GML. Using my new knowledge of programming, I decided to create a series of simple programs to apply my knowledge. I made a simple command-line program that could do the Midpoint Rule, since I figured I would understand the process better if I could automate it.
I also made an arcade shooter called Planet Hell in the span of a month. Most of that time was trying to hire a music producer on Fiverr.

This is not the full program. Just the first fifty-two lines of it. It was mostly accurate.

I continued making games and prototypes and thingamajigs throughout 2020. One of the more notable stuff I created was Journalist, a simple typing game for the first Miz Jam.
In 2022, I released my own independent project, Immortal Until. It's a simultaneous multiplayer action RPG that I created entirely from scratch in GameMaker Studio 2, with music produced by Crochar.
After the release of Immortal Until, I began work on Machinarium Divinae, an arcade shooter project with Adam Parker of Appalachian Forge Works.

You can see all of my software here on this site.
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