At my school, I have taken courses on Information Technology Service and Support. I have taken the State tests required to be recognized for my achievements in my IT program. While not a real certificate and more of an honor/award, I feel that it is still good to display the Certificate of Skill Attainment.
However, while a fancy piece of paper would likely be enough to show that I am capable, I would like to explain the IT system at my current place of study:
At Spanish Springs High School, the IT program is more than just learning vocabulary and identifying computer components. It is actually getting hands on experience with Teachers and Staff by fixing any issues that may arise on campus that are submitted via a ticket system. Students like me often get to go out on tickets and actually work to solve the many issues that occur in a company or organization like a School or office, and it's not just field work. We also manage the networks, servers, and do a yearly inventory-- effectively eliminating the need to hire a full IT crew.

In addition to that, I've also had some experience with the CompTIA Network+ Exam and I am working to getting my certification soon after I graduate High School.
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