Developer & Publisher: Adam Parker & Darius Alvanez
Platforms: PC (Windows)
Engine: Gamemaker
Release Date: TBD
Availability: Digital Download (PC Port), Arcades (Arcade Original)
Languages: English (United States)
My first major collaborative project with another person, Adam Parker, where the goal was to create an arcade machine that dispenses custom made rewards.
In the Machinarium Divinae game, you control a pilot in the Galactic Nations who're going up against the mostly-robotic army of the Machinarium Divinae, who wants to wipe all living creatures from the universe to "restore balance."
The game is a sidescrolling shooter that makes use of a 'zipping' mechanic, where you can instantly teleport to anywhere in the playspace, avoiding enemy attacks and obstacles completely. Efficient use of this mechanic is they key to success in addition to your standard space shooter skills.
I handled the game design while Adam would create the arcade cabinet, which we would work to bring together into one cohesive piece.
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