Sensitive Content Warning:
Pixelated/Cartoon Blood, Gore
Barely Animated Violence
Obscene Particle Effect Counts
Afterlife Humor and Cynicism

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Developer & Publisher: Darius Alvanez
Platforms: PC (Windows)
Engine: Gamemaker Studio
Release Date: 07-09-2020
Availability: Digital Download
File Size: 17MB
Languages: English (United States)
Planet Hell is an arcade shooter game where the premise is that anyone who dies ends up on Planet Hell. You play as one of three main characters, working to break out a fourth "mysterious benefactor" and escape Planet Hell. To do this, you advance through 6 randomly chosen levels to fight the final boss and beat the game.

This game was initially built over 12 hours, with a menu system and campaign mode being mostly finished by the 24 hour mark. After that, I spent about two more days polishing, playtesting, and refining the game art. I sat on the game for a while, waiting for a composer to get back to me with music. After getting an amazing soundtrack, I published the game on Since then, I've made a few minor updates to include bug fixes and new features.

What I've Learned
I've learned a lot while developing this small game, and I genuinely feel a lot more talented. I've come to better understand data structures in GML, how to optimize games for lower-end systems, and how to deal with some problems relating to artificial intelligence within a video game setting. I think that this project very nicely helped my with recapping all the things that I've learned from my CS 135 and CS 202 courses at Truckee Meadows Community College, and it's gotten me very excited to start on more courses over at the University of Nevada, Reno.
Where to Find It
You can find the game on under my account, Darius Alvanez, with the silly little fox icon. The game retails for $2, but the free demo includes all of the full game's content. The game is for Windows only at the moment, but I am looking into getting it on Mac OS and Ubuntu whenever possible.
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