Developer & Publisher: Darius Alvanez
Platforms: PC (Windows), Browser (Firefox, Google Chrome), Android
Engine: Gamemaker Studio
Release Date: 09-06-2021
Availability: Digital Download, Embedded Player on a Web page
File Size: 32 MB
Languages: None
Source Code: Github
The Escape Pod is my submission to Mini Jam 88 on My idea was to make a simple arcade-style game using exclusively mouse controls. I also had to follow a limitation, which was to avoid using any written text in game. I spent thirteen hours across three days to develop the game.
After my initial submission, I ported the game to Android, and I feel that it is best played on a phone.
The game was made in thirteen hours over the course of three days. I submitted two minutes before the deadline. I started with a list of ideas I had made before the jam officially started, looking through and deciding what would ultimately be the most fun and feasible to create within the limitations.
A few hours in, I already had the player controls down and polished to my liking. Half-way through, I finished obstacles and the increasing game difficulty/speed. An hour before I submitted, I added a basic intro cutscene and a win condition.
What I've Learned
This project has taught me a bit about making unique controls as well as how to create an intuitive tutorial. Since I could not use any written words, I opted to use icons and an interactive tutorial to help players understand the core mechanics of the game.
Since I was working close to the end of the submission period, I learned how to crunch and get work done under extreme pressure.
Where to Find the Game
You can play the game on using a web browser.
You can also download and run the game on Windows and Android devices.
You can find the source code on GitHub.
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